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International Glass Festival
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International Festival of Festival

Pirouette Vases by Ian Bamforth.
Pirouette Vases by
'Love Contemporary Glass' Exhibitor Ian Bamforth.

Start: 25th August 2006
End: 28th August 2006

The second International Festival of Glass has been organised to take place this August Bank Holiday. This event will incorporate a programme of events that will celebrate all forms of glass making: including exhibitions, open studios, demonstrations and lectures. The festival events will be of interest to both glass enthusiasts and anyone with a general passion for the arts.

The festival takes place in and around Stourbridge [Near Birmingham, UK]. Over the last 400 years this area of the West Midlands has been a major centre for glassmaking. Local glass factories such as Thomas Webb & Sons, Stephens & Williams and Stuart's Crystal were once the envy of the world and one of the aims of the festival is to honour Britain's heritage of glassmaking traditions.

The rich heritage of the area is still being upheld by a small community of glass artists. Many gifted glassmakers have been drawn to the Stourbridge area and the current generation of studio artists have acquired an international reputation for excellence and innovation. Many of these local artists will be taking part in the events organised for the International Festival of Glass.

The following events represent just some of the highlights the International Festival of Glass has to offer:

For a full list of all the events associated with the International Festival of Glass, please visit www.ifg.org.uk

2006 British Glass Biennale

This event is no doubt one of the most important attractions at this year's glass festival. The event has attracted glass artists from throughout the world, all competing to win this prestigious competition. More than 200 artists submitted their work and the jury
Two Saunter Vases by Ann Vernon Griffiths.
Saunter Vases by Biennale Finalist, Ann Vernon Griffiths
have now narrowed the competition down to a shortlist of artists whose work will be exhibited as part of the festival.

The exhibition represents the work of artists, designers and craftspeople working at the highest standards and the exhibition of finalists will be the largest selling exhibition of contemporary glass in the UK. The exhibition will be held at The Glasshouse [Ruskin Glass Centre], which is the former glassworks of Webb Corbett and Royal Doulton.

The exhibition will run from the 25th of August until the 17th of September 2006 .

A colour exhibition catalogue will be available at a special price during the festival.

Open Daily form 10am to 5pm. Admission is free.


Numerous lectures have been organised to coincide with the International Festival of Glass, including talks by glass artists about their glassmaking experience. You can attend lectures about Reverse Painting & Gilding on Glass, the History of Glass Chandeliers, a US artist's talk on casting large-scale cast glass sculptures and a special presentation by Peter Layton, reflecting on his 30 years as a glass maker.

For full lecture details please Click Here.


The festival will feature a number of glass-making demonstrations, which will take place at various locations and studios throughout the Stourbridge area. Demonstrations will be given by many well known glass artists, including:

Rik Allen [Cold-Working]
Shelley Muzylowski Allen [Glassblowing]
Frances Binnington [Verre Eglomisé]
Iestyn Davies [Hot Glass Sculpting]
Julie Anne Denton [Sculptural Lampworking]
Diana East [Beadmaking]
London Glassblowing [Glassblowing]
Elio Quarisa [Venetian Glassblowing]

Full details available from the International Festival of Glass Website.


As well as the British Glass Biennale, various other glass related exhibitions have been organised. These include:

Breaking the Mould: Contemporary Pâte de Verre:

This exhibition will be held at Broadfield House Glass Museum and features the work of ten contemporary pâte de verre artists from the
Karinna Sellars, pictured with one of her glass artworks.
Karinna Sellars, pictured with one of
her glass artworks
[Satin Ecstasy].
UK and France . Examples of pâte de verre Sculptures, vessels and wall panels will be on display: illustrating the diversity and craftsmanship accomplished by leading artists using this glassmaking technique over the last 20 years. Visitors can expect to find glass by Keith Cummings, Patrick Stern, Margaret Alston, George Jackson, Keith Brocklehurst
and Diana Hobson.

Love Contemporary Glass:

This exhibition of contemporary glass takes place at the Red House Glass Cone and features resident glass artists - Ian Bamforth, Vic Bamforth, Dean Hopkins, George Jackson, Ian MacDonald, Ann Vernon Griffiths and Karinna Sellars.

Peter Layton & Friends - Celebrating 30 Years
of London Glassblowing:

This touring exhibition launches at the International Glass Festival and will be held at the Ruskin Glass Centre. Peter Layton is regarded as a pioneer in the world of UK Studio Glass and has become an inspirational figure for many glass artists. Over the years Peter has supported up and coming artists, inviting talented glassmakers to work at his London Glassblowing studio. This exhibition features the work of artists currently working at Peter's studio, including:

Sabrina Cant, Marie Worre Hastrup Holm, Bruce Marks, Simon Moss, Yoshiko Okada, Layne Rowe, Anthony Scala and Louis Thompson .

Full details for the above exhibitions can be found on the International Festival of Glass Website.

Other Events

The above events and activities represent just a few of the attractions at this year's International Festival of Glass. There are many more events to attend, activities to take part in and a vast array of glass to be seen. In addition to guided tours and further talks & lectures, there will also be a number of glassmaking workshops, as well as plenty of fun activities for all the family to enjoy.

Whether you are a glass professional looking for inspiration, an avid glass collector or enthusiast, or you are simply curious about the heritage of the Stourbridge area, you are sure to find something of interest at the International Festival of Glass.

For full details of all events and activities, please visit www.ifg.org.uk.


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